Boys Residential Program

boys residential program

The boys residential program at Muir Wood is situated on six idyllic acres in Sonoma County, CA and accepts a maximum of ten boys in treatment at one time.

Because of the small number of boys accepted, the Muir Wood residential program is highly individualized and is extremely effective at treating not only substance abuse, but the underlying issues such as trauma, depression, or poor self esteem that often lead to self-medication with drugs and/or alcohol. It is the philosophy of Muir Wood, that substance abuse is a symptom of an underlying issue. The highly qualified clinical team at Muir Wood focuses on those underlying issues that lead to substance use as a means of coping. By providing a setting where boys are valued and engaged, healing can occur. The effectiveness of our residential treatment program is embedded in providing a safe, therapeutic, and highly structured environment where boys feel empowered. In this setting, sensitive underlying issues can be explored without distractions and triggers that often lead to relapse.

The residential program at Muir Wood is gender-specific, treating only adolescent boys. A gender-specific program allows boys to be vulnerable and open to exploring and discussing sensitive issues that may otherwise be kept inside. Therapy is provided in an environment that promotes communication in a compassionate and thoughtful way, never shaming or punitive. Without the obvious distraction of the opposite sex, boys are free to engage in therapy that can often be difficult and introspective. A gender-specific residential treatment setting allows boys to be supportive of their peers, feel a true sense of safety, hold each other accountable for participation in the program, remain open and willing to show emotion, and display less aggression and posturing as is common in mixed-gender programs.

A residential treatment setting also allows clinicians a platform for accurate assessment and diagnosis. In a highly structured residential setting where weekly random drug testing and close supervision is the norm, parents are assured that the boys at Muir Wood are free of any mind-altering substances. In this structured environment, assessment measures such as psychiatric evaluations and neuropsychological testing can be accomplished, providing an accurate diagnosis that can lead to far better outcomes. In a residential setting, the clinical team has the ability to develop treatment plans that best address the boys’ individual needs insuring effective treatment and sustainable recovery.

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