Rehab for Teen Boys: Why Muir Wood Works

The treatment programs at Muir Wood are built around evidence-based treatment models known to offer the most effective rehab for teen boys.  We specialize in diagnosing and treating boys with addiction issues, as well as co-occurring disorders (often called dual diagnosis), behavior issues, and learning disabilities. Our programs for teen boys are facilitated by a staff of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Muir Wood has developed an international reputation as an effective rehab for teen boys. Doctor, therapists, addiction specialists and, most importantly, parents trust Muir Wood to help boys develop recovery skills while learning accountability, responsibility, and critical life skills.


Comprehensive Family Program

Designed to engage you and your teen in a supportive setting where resentment, shame and fear that may have disrupted the family system can be addressed.

Adventure Therapy Program

Allows teens to identify positive ways to manage stress, develop confidence, and increase levels of dopamine in the brain without relying on drugs and alcohol.

Highly Credentialed Staff

Your son will have a team of compassionate, committed experts collaborating to provide him with the most effective treatment available.

Testing and Assessment

Thorough psychological testing and assessment allows us to make the most accurate diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan that addresses any co-occurring disorder.

Gender Specific Treatment

Our rehab for teen boys was designed to meet the specific treatment needs of this group, which differ significantly from those of adults or adolescent girls.


Education is an important component of recovery, and an essential element of treatment at Muir Wood, where students have a number of options for meeting academic goals.

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Exceptional Clinical Treatment