muir wood academics

Academics at Muir Wood

Academic Leadership

Tammy_GreggTammy Gregg-Young, M.A., M.Ed., leads the academic program at Muir Wood. Tammy holds a California Clear Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential with Supplementary Authorization in English and Literature, as well as a Master’s Degree in Education.Tammy was also recently appointed to the Petaluma City Council Youth Commission. As a distinguished member of the commission, she is an advocate for the well-being and development of youth through age 21 in the city of Petaluma and in the five areas of their mission: health, safety, recreation, jobs, and community engagement.

Muir Wood Learning Center

Muir Wood Learning Center is a year-round school that boys at Muir Wood attend Monday through Friday from 8:30am to Noon. Muir Wood provides academic support to residents in a number of different ways dependent upon the academic needs of the student.

Muir Wood is a Recognized Private School in California

Muir Wood Learning Center is a recognized California private school and Tammy Gregg has curriculum to teach courses such as English (grades 8-12), U.S. History, World History, World Geography, Health Education, and Human Interactions. Muir Wood Learning Center can also award academic credit for Physical Education, which equates to roughly one semester of P.E. Tammy also closely monitors the students’ health-related hours while in treatment (therapy, 12-Step workbook participation, participation in healthy relationship groups, participation in relapse prevention groups, etc.), and can award students credit for Health Education or Human Interactions for time spent out of the classroom. This work typically equates to more than one full semester of credit.

Collaboration with Each Student’s “Home School”

When boys first come to Muir Wood, Tammy and her team reach out to each boy’s “home school” (the school they were attending just prior to admitting to Muir Wood) in an effort to work collaboratively. Typically, this is the best choice for handling the academic component while at Muir Wood. It allows for a seamless transition when the resident discharges from Muir Wood and returns home, as the student will have been working on the same material as his peers from his home school while in treatment. Tammy communicates weekly with the students’ home schools to obtain assignments by scanning and emailing documents back and forth as needed, or will meet weekly with parents on campus to coordinate.

Collaboration with Valley Oaks School in Petaluma

During the regular school year, Muir Wood maintains a close relationship with Valley Oaks School in Petaluma, CA. Valley Oaks is an independent study school and is part of the Petaluma Unified School District. Boys at Muir Wood can be enrolled at Valley Oaks and choose one to two classes (depending on their ability) to complete while at Muir Wood. Boys at Muir Wood meet with their teacher at Valley Oaks once each week to turn in and review their assignments and go over the following weeks assignments. Valley Oaks provides an academic transcript upon discharge from Muir Wood.

Distance Learning and/or Online Schooling

Boys at Muir Wood can take online courses while at Muir Wood through a number of fully accredited programs such as Brigham Young Online High School, Laurel Springs Online School, and others. Muir Wood Learning Center’s computer lab is fully equipped to allow residents to work on online courses during school hours with the help of Tammy and academic tutors. These online programs will provide a transcript upon completion. Students have one year to complete the online semester course, and thus have the opportunity to work on courses at their pace and complete the courses following discharge from Muir Wood if needed.