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“We create the conditions that allow boys to feel valued, engaged, and willing to begin a life free of drugs and alcohol.”Scott Sowle, Founder and Executive Director

Welcome to Muir Wood - Trusted Teen Treatment.

Muir Wood is a teen treatment center in Northern California for adolescent boys (ages 12 to 17) with substance abuse or behavioral problems.

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If you’re considering residential treatment for your teenage son, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns. We’re here to guide you.

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Learn what you can expect from a residential treatment program like Muir Wood, and hear from other teen boys who have stayed with us.

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Through every step of the residential treatment process, Muir Wood invites you to be an active collaborator in your client’s recovery.

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Our clinicians developed a treatment model that addresses the unique challenges of your adolescent boy.

This model involves building a therapeutic, safe environment where boys don't get confronted, but instead engaged and challenged to develop recovery skills, effective communication, spiritual development, stress management, life skills, and to be of service and support to others. In creating an effective treatment program for adolescent boys, Muir Wood is conscious of the fact that the treatment needs of a boy significantly differ from those of a girl.

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Our exceptional clinical team at Muir Wood have designed a unique treatment program that can be tailored for your teenaged boy. This treatment model combines an experienced clinical team, proven recovery practices and therapeutic and experiential modalities. Based on evidence supporting gender-specific inpatient teen rehab, our philosophy emphasizes respect and kindness over control or confrontation.

We build the ideal conditions to allow boys to feel engaged, valued and willing to begin the right path to recovery.

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Focus on Academics

Multiple-subject, state credentialed teachers develop an individualized education plan based on the academic needs of the resident head our academic program. Our teacher collaborates with parents, counselors, and teachers in the community to ensure a seamless transition.

Outstanding Level of Care

Our individualized treatment approach at Muir Wood enables each adolescent to receive a comprehensive level of care, catered to his specific needs. One-on-one therapy is a foundation of our program and essential to each boy’s success.

Experiential Therapies

In addition to the traditional therapies of individual, group and family counseling, we offer cutting-edge programs such as our Adventure Therapy Program and equine-assisted therapy. Our experiential therapies include supervised field trips to some of the many of the nearby state and national parks.

An Exceptional Setting

The accommodations and amenities within the Muir Wood campus will put your teen at ease and allow him to completely focus on overcoming his alcohol or drug problem. Within minutes of the Muir Woods National Monument in Marin County, California, our treatment center resides in one of the most tranquil and desirable locations for treatment.

Catering to the Individual

individualized teen treatmentTeens today experience a unique set of pressures, and with the number of new drugs available at schools, on store shelves, and the ease of obtaining all forms of cannabis these days, it can be easy to slip into a path of addiction. As a parent, your first instinct may be to protect them from outside pressures.

At Muir Wood our staff is credentialed and highly qualified to cater to your teen’s individual needs. Our therapy programs delve deep into teen addiction issues and get to the root of the problem. By developing a unique program that utilizes proven addiction therapy techniques, we can help your son to achieve sobriety and start on a path to a new and rewarding way of life.

Marijuana abuse as well as prescription drug addiction are among the most prevalent issues teens come to our treatment center for but our individualized plans are devised to focus on any addiction, behavioral issue and/or any combination of co-occurring mental illness.

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