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Welcome to Muir Wood - Trusted Teen Addiction Treatment

Muir Wood is a teen addiction treatment center in Northern California for adolescent boys ages 12 to 17 who struggle with addiction, behavioral problems, and co-occurring disorders (also called dual diagnosis). With a nationally renowned clinical program, comprehensive diagnostic testing, year-round academics, and weekly adventure therapy, Muir Wood is the teen addiction treatment solution trusted by parents, therapists, doctors and addiction experts.


“I can tell you from my personal experience that the staff at Muir Wood saved my family. My son was battling addiction and that battle was destroying him and us. It is my most sincere belief that only due to the extraordinary skill of the staff at Muir Wood is my family intact today.” – D.B., father of a Muir Wood Alumni

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Muir Wood sets the standard for teen addiction treatment, with a philosophy that emphasizes respect and kindness over control or confrontation. In addition to addiction treatment, we diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders (such as trauma, grief, mood disorders, personality disorders, depression and anxiety), learning disabilities, and behavioral issues.

Program Highlights:


Our academic program provides a nurturing and challenging environment in which your son can fulfill his academic potential.

Your son has a number of academic options, including continuing to work with his current school on an independent study basis, or enrolling in our on-site classroom, the Muir Wood Learning Center. Either way, our academic staff is here to support your son in his academic and therapeutic recovery work.

academic options

Teen boys thrive at Muir Wood.
If you’re concerned about your son, call us today. We can help.

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Catering to the Individual

individualized teen treatmentTeens today experience a unique set of pressures, and with the number of new drugs available at schools, on store shelves, and the ease of obtaining all forms of cannabis these days, it can be easy to slip into a path of addiction. As a parent, your first instinct may be to protect them from outside pressures.

At Muir Wood our staff is credentialed and highly qualified to cater to your teen’s individual needs. Our therapy programs delve deep into teen addiction issues and get to the root of the problem. By developing a unique program that utilizes proven addiction therapy techniques, we can help your son to achieve sobriety and start on a path to a new and rewarding way of life.

Marijuana abuse as well as prescription drug addiction are among the most prevalent issues teens come to our treatment center for but our individualized plans are devised to focus on any addiction, behavioral issue and/or any combination of co-occurring mental illness.

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